Agricultural hi-tech fair in China attracts int'l participa

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Companies from a total of 29 countries and regions have confirmed their attendance at an agricultural hi-tech fair later this month in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, an official said Saturday.

The 27th China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair is scheduled to be held between Oct. 22 and 26 in the Yangling agricultural hi-tech industrial demonstration zone.

The China-based representatives of companies from Germany, Switzerland and other countries have reserved a total of 129 booths so far, said Liu Tianxiong, a senior official with the demonstration zone, adding that the fair will take international agricultural cooperation to a new level.

With the theme of "Innovation Leads High-quality Development," the five-day event will feature 14 major activities, including a round-table conference on the development of modern agriculture in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states.

Established in 1994, the fair is one of the largest and most influential events dealing with agricultural science in China.